Caring for Vehicle Magnets

Magnetic vehicle signs are a great investment and are the most economical and effective means of advertising for your business.

BEFORE USE– Clean and dry both the vehicle and magnetic sign. Dirt or dust on either the   vehicle or magnetic sign can cause scratching of the painted surface.

WEEKLY CARE– Remove and clean magnets and your vehicle at least once a week. This is to avoid magnetic polarization of the paint on the vehicle and the magnets prior to placing the    magnets back on your vehicle.

STORING– When not in use, store the magnetic signs flat, NEVER fold or roll magnetic signs.


Magnetic signs are designed to work on flat or slightly curved surfaces only. They are NOT designed to work over moldings or indention’s

Long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to sunlight can result in uneven fading of the surface because the magnet-covered area is shielded from ultraviolet rays.

Avoid use on horizontal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight or temp’s >105°F.