How to Install a Vinyl Decal

SignIT offers inhouse and onsite installation, but we also know that some projects are small enough that you can do them yourself!

Here is a step by step guide on how to install vinyl lettering on your own.

Step One: Assemble tools for the job: Windex, paper towels, masking tape, squeegee, scissors,  x-acto knife and decal/lettering.

Step Two: Clean area with Windex. Area must be clean and dry before application. Place the decal/lettering where you want it on the surface. Apply a long piece of tape down the middle of your graphic extending 3-4” off the top and bottom to keep it in place.

Step Three: With your left hand, lift the right half of the decal into the air then peel back the paper backing until you’ve separated it to the tape line.

Step FourCut off the paper backing with scissors to the tape line. Hold the vinyl in your right hand and using your left hand, swipe up and down with your squeegee starting in the center and smooth the vinyl onto your surface.

Step Five: Remove the masking tape line. Lift up the left side of the decal and remove the remaining paper backing. Start at the center and squeegee the rest of the decal to the surface.

Step Six: Pull off the masking cover. If you have any bubble, use an x-acto knife to poke the air bubbles then smooth the area with your finger.